About us

ELWSAM for Manufacturing and Trading Electrical Products

It is a purely Egyptian company established on March 1, 1990, a leading company in the field of manufacturing, assembling and trading all kinds of electrical products and modern home electrical needs . Having more than 2000 employees and more than 100 machines, ELWSAM has the ability of supplying any needed quantities of electrical products for the local and international markets as well .

  • The reputation of ELWSAM and the value of its brand centered on a commitment to the principles of responsibility and business ethics, as we set firm rules to preserve the merchant from loss and solve any problems related to production, as well as to protect the consumer by producing high quality items and a large shelf life. Since its establishment, social responsibility has been an integral part of ELWSAM's work, supporting government and civil society organizations to implement development projects in the areas of health, children's education, community development, and the use of manufacturing technology for development. ELWSAM is proud to occupy an advanced position among the electrical equipment factories in Egypt and the Arab world in terms of production diversity, quality and speed of development and the participation of its employees in volunteer work and community service to provide the most effective social responsibility initiatives.

Basic values
  • - Making every effort to satisfy customers. 

  • - Working with absolute integrity and the highest ethical standards. 

  • - Work to the strictest quality standards.

  • - Preserving the surrounding environment and working to develop it.

  • - Providing the largest number of job opportunities with continuous training.



Transformation into a leading company in the manufacture of electrical tools according to the highest levels of quality and achieving the renewed desires of customers with the provision of distinguished products and access to a prominent position locally and regionally - horizontal and vertical expansion - and continuous development through keeping pace with and transferring modern technology - and optimizing the potential and available material and human resources .



  • The company got ISO 9001 certified

  • The company got quality mark from the Egyptian General Organization for Standard and Quality (EOS). EOS )

Goals of our company
  • Producing all necessary for modern home , factories and establishments of high quality electrical tools for the Egyptian, Arab and African market.

  • Involving the largest possible number of manpower and training them to work in our factories or for the parallel labor market.

  • Helping the state to be self-sufficient in electrical tools and providing hard currency.



Producing a variety of high-quality electrical tools for use in industrial and residential buildings to achieve the safety and well-being of our customers - and to suit all tastes - at competitive prices. 



Establishing a national industry of high quality and following the latest technologies - in accordance with standard and international specifications - and competition at the local and regional levels. 


 Almataria , Ad Daqahliyah